Frequently asked questions...

Here are the top questions I am asked, relating to doulas, birth, and support. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions that aren't answered here!


What IS a doula? Is that like a midwife?

​To break it down- Kind of. Midwives are certified or licensed medical care providers. They do the baby catching. Doulas provide education, physical and emotional support, and follow you throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum and beyond. We typically are able to spend much more time with you, and we work for YOU- not a hospital or birth center. We're also your advocate during what may be the most vulnerable time of your life.


Why do I need a doula? I have my husband/partner/mom etc. Won't you get in their way?

I'm so glad you have support! That's awesome! You may choose to hire a doula because we are somewhat removed, professional support. We help you get educated about birth, help you find the right questions to ask, and remind you what your plans were when you can't think for yourself. Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on our partner during birth- They are supposed to support you(knowing what to do and when?) pay attention to how things are going on the medical level, cope with seeing you experiencing pain, communicate with family outside the birthing room, and also become a parent themselves! That is so, so much for one person to deal with. 


I always make a point to incorporate partners as much as they're comfortable. I don't want to step on anyone's toes- instead, I help them support you. That may mean I demonstrate a certain backrub and then have them take over; or encourage some labor room loving to keep things rolling while I take a conveniently timed break! 

How about this postpartum night stuff? Are you just a babysitter?

Definitely not. I'm a trained, experienced, infant care professional. I know how unsettling it is for some families to invite someone into their home while they're sleeping, to care for this new little being. I do my best to make you as comfortable as possible by openly communicating, and making sure our expectations match. This set up works great for breastfeeding or bottle feeding families, and can be adapted to almost any situation. I care for your baby as if they were my own- feeding(or bringing baby to mom to nurse), changing, clothing, bathing, rocking, cuddling, soothing, etc. When baby is sleeping, I do small, quiet chores like dishes or folding laundry to give you a little break during the day. Families with multiples and medically needy babies are especially grateful for these services. I've had grandparents purchase my services for a "new baby gift" more than once!!


Are you going to tell me I can't have my epidural? Speak to my doctor for me?
No. I'm there to support and empower you. My goal is to help you communicate what you want and need. Sometimes that changes during labor, and that's ok. We'll set up signals so that it's clear when you REALLY want that epidural. I do not and cannot speak to your doctor instead of you. Instead, I help you find the right questions to ask so that you can make the best decisions. That's my job. 



What areas and hospitals do you serve?

Let's break it down-

I live in Mountain House and will drive up to an hour to your home. Here are some of those cities-

  • Pleasanton

  • Livermore

  • Tracy

  • Antioch

  • Brentwood

  • Mountain House

  • Manteca

  • Stockton

  • Lathrop

  • Modesto

If you're not sure, call or email and ask! I'm happy to consider your location. 925-339-5960



  • San Leandro

  • San Lorenzo

  • Fremont

  • Walnut Creek

  • Alamo

  • Danville

  • San Ramon

  • Castro Valley

  • Hayward

  • Dublin