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Rates 2019

Postpartum Nights- Get some rest!

Hourly rates:

Singleton- $40/hour

Multiples- $50/hour

What will postpartum look like for you?

It's a little different for each family, but with that beautiful new tiny person comes less sleep, hormonal fluctuations, and a change in family dynamics. The postpartum time is arguably the must vulnerable and intense period a new family has experienced, and support at this time of huge change is crucial. That's why we do what we do.


*NEW for 2019- After meeting a wonderful new doula friend last year, we've decided to partner in order to provide dedicated support for clients who request as many as 7 nights/week. This allows us balance between work, family, and sleep. 
I'm pleased to introduce Naphtalie Scully as my business partner and co-doula!

Click here to learn more about Naphtalie.

 Postpartum Care is for-

  • Babies ages 0-4 months

  • Learning infant care (Parents and updates for grandparents)

  • Sleep Support (babies and parents!)

  • Feeding support, breast or bottle- with NO judgement

  • Preemies and multiples

  • Babies with medical needs- NG tube, O2/Apnea monitor, etc.

  • Swaddling

  • Bathing

  • Diapering care and concerns

  • Reducing toxins in baby's environment

  • Baby related chores, such as baby laundry, bottle/pump parts washing, formula prep, etc.

  • Resources- Need a mom's club? Lactation support? Pediatric chiropractor? I have trusted contacts for these and more.

Postpartum Doulas, Night Nannies, Baby Nurses, and Newborn Care Specialists fill these gaps.
We're specifically trained to care for mom, partner, baby(ies), and be sure everyone's needs are being met.

*Please note- It is illegal (and unethical!) to represent oneself as a medical professional without a license. I am NOT a registered nurse, but the title "Baby Nurse" has been used interchangeably for generations to refer to a postpartum care provider. Please consider this when choosing your postpartum/newborn care provider.*

Birth Doula Support

Total Birth Package: $2000

One Time Consult: $100/hour

Planned Cesarean Support: $900

Looking for support during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and follow up after baby has arrived? By taking a limited number of birth clients, I'm able to focus on your individual needs and desires.
Whether you have a medication free homebirth or a planned cesarean, your birth doula is your go-to-girl for accurate info, fears and anxieties, planning and discussing, and supporting your partner as well. I work solely for you and that allows us to personalize your entire birth experience.

       Total Birth Package covers-

  • Unlimited phone/text/email support

  • 2-3 One and one half hour prenatal visits including postpartum planning session

  • Labor and birth support for you and your partner

  • 1-2 Follow up postpartum visits

  • Add-on appointments after max listed at a 25% discounted hourly rate as requested

  • 25% discount on any open classes for topics such as nursery planning, preparing for multiples, newborn care, etc. 

    Planned Cesarean Birth Support

  • Unlimited phone/email/text support

  • One or two 1.5 hour prenatal visits including postpartum planning session

  • Day of cesarean support- from arrival at hospital, through surgery, and follow through to postpartum setup, comfort centered.

  • One or two 1.5 hour follow up postpartum visits

  • Add-on appointments at a discounted hourly rate as needed

  • 25% discount on any open classes for topics such as nursery planning, preparing for multiples, newborn care, etc. 

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  • Hourly Consults (2 hour min.) 
    cover personalized issues surrounding topics such as:

  • Breastfeeding challenges

  • Planning for Multiples

  • Newborn care specifics

  • Infant massage

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Mood Disorders and when to get help

  • Nursery Planning and Gear Registries

  • And more! Have something specific in mind? Get in touch.