2014 Stats

During 2014, I got to support over 30 families in several capacities. I thought it'd be fun to see how that breaks down!

10 births supported at 5 hospitals 3 cesareans- 2 planned, 1 emergent 7 vaginal births, 4 unmedicated, 3 received their desired pain meds 1000's of miles driven to 23 prenatal and 11 postpartum appointments 9 placentas encapsulated into approximately 1800 capsules 7 postpartum families nurtured 3 new doulas mentored Biggest baby- 12 lbs, 6 oz Smallest baby- 5lbs, 12 oz 7 girls, 3 boys (birth clients)

What an incredible year! Thank YOU for being a part of it. I continue feeling massively honored to be invited to support families during their birth/newborn period. Looking forward to supporting even more families through birth and postpartum in 2015! I currently have availability from February on. Get in touch soon if you want me, I expect spring and summer to book up quickly! Best wishes for a beautiful year for you and your family! ~Sara

#2014stats #statistics #births #yearend #buyingforbaby #minimalist #needforbaby

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