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In the summer of 2017, my parents decided to sell their home in the Bay Area and buy a small farm in south western Washington, just north of Portland, Oregon. My younger sister was pregnant with her second baby and they wanted to be near her. They were also looking for a slower pace of life as they close in on retirement. We began talking and making plans to move as well, but a series of life events prevented that from happening. Until NOW! As of July 2021, we were able to make the move. We are SO excited to be near family and begin our new adventures in the Pacific North West! Brandon, my husband found a great job at an automotive shop, and I continue to work postpartum overnights with clients. The kids can't wait for school to start-for once(!), so they can make new friends! We are staying with my parents while we look for a home, and are so grateful for the time on the farm. I have to thank all the friends and family who assisted with our big move, and the lovely clients who allowed me to adjust contract dates during our trips north over the last few months. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! As of 8/3/2021, I have lots of open availability for overnights near Portland. Get in touch soon if you're seeking support!

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